1. The Gathering Storm: A Realist Approach to Surviving Chaos

The Colorado Rocky Mountains are an unforgiving place, and every year fatalities claim the lives of climbers, skiers, bikers, and outdoorsman. Much of the time, those fatalities are simple mistakes that were overlooked while excitedly making plans to get out and enjoy nature.

If taking extra precautions to avoid life-threatning traps, and pre-plannning every step of our routes hadn’t been enough already, the recent political strife has made some of those same routes look like bunny slopes when compared to the unpredictability of the past year.

No one seems to know what to expect in the days, weeks, or even months before us…

But one thing can be certain: when SHTF, or more bluntly put, When S*** Hits The Fan, when everyone starts panicking at the same time; crossing those frigid death-trap mountains may be the only way to safety for some of us.

Iv’e lived in the Front Range of Colorado nearly my whole life, and have loved almost every minute of how easily accessible the wilderness is from home.

One of the perks of living next to gigantic mountains- being able to hit the jeep trails on any day of the week and map out new local areas on a whim.

Another perk has been living only a few hours away from a whopping 53- 14ers (mountains taller than 14,000 feet). I’ve climbed 26 of those beasts, some in the winter, and a lot in the spring, fall, and summer months, and believe me you! They’re nothing to mess around with.

You may be reading this and wondering what drove me to start a blog in the first place…

In my humble opinion, the world in many aspects has become a strange and frightening place. Just consider the events that have come out of 2020 so far: the early 2020 US-Iranian scare, the pandemic, the mass hysteria of panic buying, biblical scale fires, hurricanes, economic depression, and the relentless global protests that followed the death of George Floyd, only to name a few things…

And let’s not forget the big one right around the corner- The 2020 Presidential Election in November. Whatever that might bring…

yeah, there’s a strong possibility that things might just keep going downhill. In light of all the conflicting information and one side always opposing the other, I decided to start this blog. My purpose:

1. To Contribute outdoors-man/survivalist advice in preparing for disasters.

2. To discuss past events and how their lessons can help alert us to upcoming events.

3. To discuss ways that fellow believers can stay grounded and realistic while preparing.

I’ll be covering a wide range of outdoor survival and prepping topics in future posts. A few examples are:

A. Essential tools & items that every prepper should own.

B. Escape-routes, plans, and tactics to consider for when SHTF.

C. Considerations for home and self defense.

While having necessary physical items and gear to keep us prepared for a catastrophic event are necessary for increasing our chances of survival, I believe that having faith and hope in God to combat despair and anxiety is equally important.

Part of this blog will focus on God’s promise’s to help guide us through these coming times of tribulation (1 Corinthians 10:13). These will include:

1. Ways and examples of how God is working throughout the surrounding chaos.

2. Discussion on how Christians can prepare for disaster while staying on the righteous path.

3. Open debate on the purposes and plans God has for the ‘new normal’.

We have all seen hard times this year. The good news is that we can take steps to make sure that wer’e not taken by surprise the next time things take a turn into left field, and see to it that we are prepared for whatever the world has to throw at us.

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Rocky Mountain Preparedness is veteran owned and operated. All site related costs are paid out of pocket, and any donation amount is greatly appreciated. Thanks for visiting my site.”


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