3. The Illusion of Disunity

In 1949, George Orwell published his dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, which has striking similarities in today’s modern culture and has been among the world’s most read literature in the last hundred years.

The plot is based on a world ruled by soviet style propaganda, the story takes place in the super-state Oceania (once Great Britain), which is ruled by a one-party political system, and Big Brother is head of state.

In Oceania, no-one seems to remember past events, the thought police detain anyone with non-party beliefs, and Big Brother constantly watches every citizen through their telescreen (today would be cell phones).

In our current day, it may not sound out of place to watch the morning news and hear the anchor on the other side of the screen, report something that sounds so fictional and out of place that we second guess what we hear.

Ten years ago, this would indeed be absurd, but today, it’s a reality. Resentment and doubt lurk behind every moment of coverage, despite party affiliations.

Every hour, every moment; we the people hear about rape, pillage & plunder.

If one watches coverage at all, a striking similarity appears from Orwell’s two-minute hate.

Oceania’s citizens are primed and conditioned to emotionally lash out, whether they’re emotions are grounded in reality or not.

Orwell’s narrative may seem like a long shot to imagine as anything but a fictional book, but when carefully considered, aspects of his story seemingly merge into clear parallels today.

It may be enlightening to take note of those around you; friends, coworkers, or even strangers you pass in day to day life.

Many of us know people who have strong opinions and speak out aggressively on social media and colleges.

Its hard to imagine someone we personally know in life seek out and meaningfully interact in conjunction with those estranged and outraged peoples, who commit acts of barbarity by delight.

We know in certainty that rageful acts of berserk will be harshly penalized for the destruction of our communities.

The new normal portrays a disunited America eating itself alive over all forms.

Indeed, there do exist crazed politically driven mob’s and circus clowns whom get more attention than deserved.

But they are outliers of our society, and the majority of our citizenry whom have good sense, will bond together and can overwhelm them at any given moment.

Emotional conditioning and calculated stimuli can be hard to resist falling into.

When a free-press primes us 24/7 for inner anxiety & doubts, it becomes almost impossible to recognize the simplicity, normality, and safety which hold each of our worlds together.

The wolves at our door are generated illusions, and if we can recognize this, the bogymen will lose all power from our right to true knowledge and wisdom.

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