5. Signs of a House Divided: Patience and Preparedness

Signs of Misfortune

The looming threat of civil unrest, societal collapse, and sustained chaos has loomed in the minds of preppers and the majority of Americans at large this year.

Unmistakably clear signs have shown us that anarchy has the potential to step off movie sets and make its way into the streets of our beloved neighborhoods and cities.

The first sign was a spreading virus that struck fear into the hearts of nearly every man, woman, and child of the modern world. Few of us enjoy thinking back on the sheer pandemonium and fright which reigned in early spring.

The global lock downs that followed devastating our economies, small businesses, and workers was the second sign. We could sense that the world would soon embark on a one-way train ticket to hell, but the fog of war blurred the path to safety.

The third and potentially most significant sign came in the form of civil unrest, when every major US city spontaneously erupted into violence, and protests following the George Floyd killing overwhelmed our nation.

While both mourning our dead and grieving a recent lost way of life, new waves of poverty, suicide, and crime took precedence across the country. That was the fourth and more subtle sign, as we were already overwhelmed and still processing the prior tragedies.

By the grace of God, the mass unrest started to settle, but what followed was no better. The fifth sign came in biblical scale fires and devastating hurricanes that left millions without running water or electricity.

While hurricanes demoralized the coastal regions and went largely under-reported, countless fires raged across the landscape to consume entire towns and unfathomable amounts of land.

Conspiracy ensued as a result, and we knew not whether they were natural, created by arsonists, or planned by foreign enemies.

The western part of the country watched as the fires grew ever closer to their homes, and dreaded the day that their properties and livelihood would be engulfed by flames.

A steep toll on the American psyche was taken during the first half of 2020, and widespread doubt in the greater systems’ capacity for good began to settle in.

We saw an easing of the highly destructive and combustible elements by early October, but a presidential election stood towering ahead of the country, like a Goliath taunting unready middle eastern armies.

A House Undecided

Though the elections had the potential to rekindle the flame which engulfed our nation once already, it has not, yet. An uneasiness now lurks throughout the country, and the people hold their breath in anticipation for what surprises the transition of power may hold.

All distinguishable signs point to an unspoken and temporary ceasefire as of now, like the soldiers of WW1 who stopped shelling their enemies for the day, and climbed out of their trenches for the 1914 Christmas Truce.

The free press and their contributors have declared victory and fraud (on both sides of the political spectrum). Hard lines have been drawn, and it’s now clear that news networks are pleading for their audiences to stand firm in righteous indignation.

Though each citizen has been asked to believe in their parties narrative and moral cause, many remain doubtful that either side is righteous, or deserved of condemnation.

The home of the brave is not disunited, its undecided. Americans see through the illusion of division, and understand the portrayal as a means of division and conquer.

The House and the Senate are divided. The free press and mainstream news networks are divided. We the people are not divided.

The individuals who make the US a place of liberty and justice for all are not a mere collection of simpletons that can be funneled into political cock fighting rings. They are not against one another, and they will not betray their love for one another.

The people of the US are made in the image of God, dismiss propaganda through reasonable sensibility, and have the free will to choose whom they follow.

Remain Steady and Focused

As people with clear minds and reasonable sense, we shouldn’t fear our fellow countrymen or the ultimate decisions of the political overseers. We may have fallen subject to big-media’s deceptive lies, but we shouldn’t take stock in its packaged fear which is tailored to the creation of hatred.

We shouldn’t accept gestures of totalitarian ideals, or take sides that resemble a zealous religious cause. No belief system worth fighting for requires denial of all reason outside of itself.

We should be weary of political propaganda that divides, and educate ourselves on how to protect our minds from subliminal messaging, and realize that news outlets and social media platforms capitalize from the growing fears.

Don’t be coaxed into fretting over boogeymen and what-if’s. The call to action for a formal civil war have not yet been seen, though tensions are indeed running high. Patiently wait and watch for the coming signs, and stay calm.

Until an official call to arms on either legitimate side of the political spectrum begin to dominate major news cycles, keep your wits about you, and your rations high.

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