8. Emergency Prepared: A SHTF vehicle checklist

As the chaotic atrocities of 2020 have seemingly paused to let society handle the growing pandemic, preppers and everyday US citizens alike are anxiously considering what 2021 will hold in store for us. Though the fires and riots have drastically lost steam, the presidential inauguration on January 20th is quickly approaching.

Though most of us are hoping that the country remains peaceful during the upcoming inauguration, or lack there of, there is still a high unpredictability factor lurking on that day.

Being prepared to leave town on a moments notice and travel to a safer temporary location is of dire necessity, and there’s no better reassurance for bugging-out than having a well maintained and reliable vehicle. If you don’t have access to a working vehicle, or want an even more in depth look at personalized items to carry along in addition to this list, check out my go-bag checklist for traveling on foot here.

This article will cover essential items to keep in your vehicle for when SHTF, that also have utility for everyday use; so you will undoubtedly use most of these products whether or not S actually Hit’s The Fan. If you enjoy reading this article, please don’t forget to share with friends and family, as well as subscribe to my newsletter so that you can be updated when I publish a new post on this site.

Disclosure: As an CJ Affiliate & Amazon Associate, I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. You can help support my blog by making purchases through any of the links provided below. I only recommend quality products which I would use myself, and strive to bring you the best and most affordable list of options.


BUG OUT BAG: https://bit.ly/3peGFvM




ESSENTIAL ITEMS (do not forget)






    • ID, Insurance, Registration, Important Documents

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