Prepper Terminology

Bug In

To ‘bug in‘, is to stay inside the safety of one’s own home, avoid unnecessary risk of venturing into chaotic surrounding areas, and survive off stored rations. This is most often the first and most preferred option in response to imminent danger.

Bug Out

To ‘bug out‘, is to leave the safety of one’s own home and evacuate to a secondary geographical location, which serves as a temporary shelter. Bugging out is only reserved for worst case scenarios; when the safety of one’s home and imminent surroundings have been compromised.


A ‘Cache‘ is a secret reserve of survival supplies typically buried beneath the ground and/or out of plain site. A prepper’s ‘chache’ is intended to help provide temporary relief; a resupply point while travelling to a ‘bug out’ location.


A ‘CREW‘ is interchangeable with the term ‘MAG‘. Both refer to a group of preppers that prepare and have alliances with one another.


EDC is an acronym for ‘Every Day Carry‘. These are items that have practical and everyday use, as well as assist in survivability. Examples: pocket knife, lighter, 550 cord, handgun.


An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is a type of electric discharge which can fry electronics and deem all electronically operated devices, including; vehicles, watches, phones, and GPS devices. When the prepping community references the acronym ‘EMP’, it’s safe to assume we’re speaking of a NNEMP, or Non-Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse. This is a weapon that can cause massive scale power outages across an entire country.


A ‘MAG’ is interchangeable with the term ‘CREW‘. A ‘MAG‘ refers to a group of people that prepare for ‘SHTF‘, and can rely on one another when times get hard.


OPSEC‘ is an acronym for ‘Operational Security‘, a form of assets protection that uses critical information, analysis of threats, analysis of vulnerabilities, assessment of risks, and application of appropriate countermeasures.


A person who anticipates and prepares in advance for future crisis’ and ‘SHTF‘ scenarios.


An acronym for when, ‘Shit Hits The Fan‘. This can come in many different forms which include; severe food shortages, natural disasters, civil unrest, nuclear war, EMP strikes, tyrannical governments, or any other event that threatens a persons life.